Settlement Agents

In order to eliminate the guesswork and provide the best overall experience and value to our buyers, QBH has compiled the following list of title companies.

QBH has worked with these select title companies for years. Their familiarity with our program goes unmatched. They offer years of experience and knowledge that provides a seamless process. The title agents work diligently to make sure you settle on time with no distractions.

  • Blue Crab Title & Escrow

    Bill Mckissick - Attorney-at-Law
    [email protected]
    ph 301-862-3764
    fax 301-862-3789
  • Brennan Title Company (MD/VA)

    Melinda Hileman
    [email protected]
    ph 410-535-4200
    fax 410-535-4813
  • Buyer's Title, Inc (Maryland)

    Heather Davis or Jason Faherty, Esq.
    [email protected], [email protected]
    ph 301-638-7111 (Waldorf)
    fax 301-934-8080 (La Plata)
  • Buyer's Title, Inc. (Virginia)

    Heather Davis
    [email protected]
    ph 301-638-7111
    fax 301-638-7336
  • Maryland Trust Title & Escrow, LLC

    Kelly Bruffy
    [email protected]
    ph 410-535-7550
    fax 410-535-2507
  • Mudd, Mudd & Fitzgerald, P.A.

    Mark Mudd, Esquire
    [email protected]
    ph 301-934-9541
    fax 301-934-8178
  • Thomas M. Pelagatti, Attorney at Law (MD/VA)

    Jessie Parke
    [email protected]
    ph 410-535-0060
    fax 410-535-9422
  • TITLEMAXLLC, Wanda Debord, CEO/Closer

    Alisa Tucker, New Homes Coordinator
    [email protected]
    ph 443-964-6094
    fax 410-286-8689